Screen/Society--"We" ("Nous") (Alice Diop, 2021) | French Film Series

Speaker(s): Introduced by Prof. Felwine Sarr. Q&A to follow screening.
CFFS & Screen/Society present the 2023 French Film Series--

We ['Nous']
(Alice Diop, 2021, 115 min, France, French with English subtitles, DCP)

A kaleidoscopic portrait of people from the Parisian suburbs, their lives and work connected by the RER B commuter train that cuts through the city from north to south. A migrant mechanic, a care worker for the elderly, a writer, and the director herself, all make up the "we" of the title.

"[Diop] has crafted a collective tapestry of voices and vantage points to preserve traces of the ordinary lives that are so often rendered invisible but are indispensable to any idea of French identity." - Senses of Cinema

"With a light, deft approach, Diop lays bare France's gruesome, maddening postcolonial history simply by being a patient observer ... Motored by Diop's curiosity and compassion ... her film is clear-eyed but not cynical, hopeful but not mawkish." - Melissa Anderson

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