AMI Filmcraft series teaches amateur filmmakers practical skills

For some, it can be difficult to engage in the arts at Duke. Heavy class loads, career-oriented extracurriculars and burgeoning social lives make it difficult to explore the vast array of screenings, exhibits and workshops around campus, all free to students. The Art of the Moving Image department is particularly unsparing in its offerings, often holding screenings of rare 35mm prints and recent limited-release films. Starting Tuesday, AMI will host the Filmcraft series, comprised of workshops designed to provide an understanding of filmmaking equipment and techniques.

The Filmcraft series will run through February and will tackle topics ranging from camera operation and movement to location sound recording and lighting exercises. AMI faculty member and Freewater adviser Steve Milligan spearheads the series, bringing his experience in film production and cinematography to the classes. The workshop series aims to offer an outlet for students to develop core filmmaking skills outside of the classroom.

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