Screen/Society--Cine-East: East Asian Cinema--"CHICKEN POETS"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 3:00pm to 4:45pm
Screen/Society--Cine-East: East Asian Cinema--"CHICKEN POETS"

Chicken Poets
(Meng Jinghui, 2002, 94 min, China, in Mandarin w/ English subtitles, Color, DVD)

-- Introduced by Prof. Claire Conceison (Dept. of Theater Studies)!

The first film of Beijing theater director Meng Jinghui, Chicken Poets is an insightful and poetic look at materialism and the younger generation in China.

An unknown poet seeks inspiration in this character-driven drama from Meng Jinghui. Facing an uncertain future and unable to fuel his creative fire, Yun Fei heads for the Bejing suburbs in order to seek the advice of his old college buddy. Further discouraged after finding out that his friend is currently finding success as a breeder of black chickens, Yun Fei subsequently meets a colorblind girl who encourages him to keep at his writing. Though inspiration continues to elude him, Yun Fei finds sudden and unexpected success after purchasing a pirated record with seemingly magical powers. Though he has finally found the success he longed for, Yun Fei still can't help but feeling that something is missing from his life.
-- Part of Cine-East: East Asian Cinema.

-- Discussion to follow!

-- Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2003 Hong Kong International Film Festival!

Cost: Free and Open to the Public

Sponsors: Asian/Pacific Studies Institute, Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Program in Arts of the Moving Image (AMI)

White 107 (White Lecture Hall)