Screen/Society--Israeli Filmmaker Uri Rosenwaks--"BACK AND FORTH" (Southern Premiere!)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Screen/Society--Israeli Filmmaker Uri Rosenwaks--"BACK AND FORTH" (Southern Premiere!)

Back and Forth - only  the second U.S. screening, after its NY premiere!
(May Alfrawna, Kamla Abu Zelia, Yusra Abu Kaff, Morad Alfrawna; produced by Uri Rosenwaks, 2010, 55 min, Israel, in Hebrew & Arabic w/ English subtitles, Color, DVD)

-- Introduction and post-film Q&A w/ filmmaker Uri Rosenwaks!

Four promising Bedouin directors from the Negev Desert point a camera at themselves and their society to record a self-portrait of their own community and its hardships. This unprecedented and authentic account portrays the story of the nomadic Bedouin tribes who were forced by the Israeli government to relinquish their life style and relocate into permanent dwellings, which left large parts of Bedouin society in despair. While they try to move forward and progress, they are still held back by desert traditions and discrimination by the Israeli establishment and society at large. In their professional debut, and working together with filmmaker Uri Rosenwaks, the four directors bring modern Bedouin life to the screen, moving 'back and forth' between the personal and the general, the past and present.  More Info...

Cost: Free and Open to the Public

Sponsors: The E.J. and Sara N. Evans Israel Fund, Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies (AMES), Program in the Arts of the Moving Image (AMI), Center for Jewish Studies, Duke Human Rights Center, Duke University Center for International Studies, Duke University Center for Documentary Studies, the Duke University Middle East Studies Center, and the Franklin Humanities Institute.

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