Filmcraft Workshops

The workshops are open to all Duke students, with no sign-up or registration required.

In the Cinematic Arts Film Studio, room 232 in the Rubenstein Arts Center.

Excepting the Labor Day weekend (see below), sessions are held each Sunday from 2pm to 4pm, and are repeated Monday from 2pm to 4pm.  The Fall 2024 series runs from August 31st through October 7th.

The Cinema Camera
2pm AUG 31, Saturday
2pm SEP 1 , Sunday

Camera systems and camera operating for motion picture photography.
Camera Movement
Sunday 2pm SEP 8, Sunday
2pm SEP 9, Monday
The machinery and techniques of camera movement.

Lighting Technique
2pm SEP 15, Sunday
2pm SEP 16, Monday
The machinery and techniques of cinematic lighting.
Fixtures and Gripping
2pm SEP 22, Sunday
2pm SEP 23, Monday
The skills and equipment of cinema lighting.
2pm  SEP 29, Sunday
2pm SEP 30, Monday
Modern post-production workflow.
Location Sound
2pm OCT 6, Sunday
2pm OCT 7, Monday
The machinery and techniques of location sound recording.


Steve Milligan