Submit a Screening or Series Proposal

Duke University departments, programs, centers, institutes, student groups, or other organizations that have a Duke University fund code may submit a proposal to sponsor a film series or screening event on the Screen/Society calendar.

Please note that there is very limited space on our calendar for outside proposals, but we will give each proposal careful consideration, with an eye to identifying screenings that fit in well with our programming goals for that particular semester.

To participate, applications must be submitted by email to Hank Okazaki, one semester in advance of the first screening date. (Applications must be received by the middle of the preceding semester.) Applications should include the number of screenings requested for an individual series (no more than 5 in a given semester), indications of any preferences regarding the specific screening dates or days of the week on which the screenings should be held, and a prioritized list of candidate film titles that might be included in the film series or event. 

Sponsor's Responsibilities

The sponsoring organization is responsible for covering the costs of film rentals and/or acquiring screening rights from distributors, plus any shipping costs and venue/projection costs for the screening(s). These expenses are charged directly to the sponsoring organization's fund code or to the fund codes of additional co-sponsors that the main sponsor has recruited to support the series or event.

Screen/Society's Responsibilities

Screen/Society staff will track down and contact the distributors for the film titles in question (to determine their prices and availability to be screened on the requested dates), arrange bookings for film rentals and screening venues, manage the print traffic and the return shipping of films, arrange payment to distributors and screening venues, and publicize the events through the broad range of avenues that Screen/Society advertising normally covers.

For more information, contact Hank Okazaki, Screen/Society's programmer and coordinator.